Who runs this blog? It's not John Green right?

An 18 year old female Nerdfighter from England. Unfortunately, not John Green speaking of which, I seem to be getting a lot of messages from people who think I am John Green. Guys, honestly? I can’t even write a poem! DFTBA

do you like the end ? why and why not.

I love the end, because honestly speaking, I can’t really imagine it any other way than how the author himself has written it. DFTBA

Why do you sign off answers with DFTBA, and what does it mean? Just curious (:

Acronym meaning “don’t forget to be awesome.”  Popularized by the Brothers Hank and John Green on their vlog. DFTBA ;)

Can I take your pictures? It's for my blog but I'll say the source..

Absolutely! DFTBA

Today I read the whole book cover to cover for the first time and I just don't know why to do with myself right now.

It’s okay. Pretty much what every reader goes through but then again. John Green novels just seem to have that affect, don’t they? DFTBA

Do you know who is going to play Augustus Waters in TFIOS movie? I've heard a couple actors but I want to know the real one!

Ansel Elgort.

Your quotes are just amazing!!! An honor to the fault in our stars. How do you do the formating?

Thank you, I really appreciate it. Photoshop allows you to do formatting. DFTBA




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